Connecting The Dots – Partnership, Innovation & Creative Community with Damian Dugdale (WDO)

Saturday, December 02 2017.  McGrorys of Culfaff, Co. Donegal

Time: 2pm | Admission: €5

Damian Dugdale discusses the role of creativity in the sustainability and growth of rural communities. The presentation will focus on how a small town in the north of Sweden has put itself on the global stage and how creativity is at the core of that growth.

Damian Dugdale (WDO)

Damian has worked in IT and innovation for 15+ years, in the UK, South Africa and Scandinavia. In 2004, with a 4 month old son and his Swedish partner, he moved to the north of Sweden and a village with 98 houses, one shop and no pub. In 2009 he saw an opportunity to start his own ISP. The idea was that it would charge the equivalent of $1 a month less than the competitor and all profits would go back to the village. A playground and several sponsorships later, the ISP continues to support village activities, no salaries are taken and it’s extended to the entire municipality. Damian is also part of the organising team for Creative Summit, an annual event held in Skellefteå and is also the current Norrland Node Director for Silicon Vikings, a network based organisation with members in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Silicon Valley. As a partner in Skellefteå based business design agency WDO, he heads up the innovation management practise working with both public and private sector organisations. He hasn’t worn a suit to work since 2001.