Pitch and Sync – Playing your music in film, television and advertising

Saturday, December 02 2017.  McGrorys of Culfaff, Co. Donegal

Time: 3pm | Admission: €5

with Daniel Cross (Record Play), Hannah Peel, Patrick Cloherty (Sentric) & Mark Gordon (Score Draw Music).

Music synchronization (or ‘sync’) is the business of placing songs by artists and bands into films, television shows, computer games, adverts and other media. In this session, the global head of music for Adidas – Daniel Cross, and leading UK independent publishing company Sentric’s Patrick Cloherty, will join award-winning composer Mark Gordon to discuss the journey from band to placement.

Daniel Cross

With a marketing degree and several years experience working at a music publishers under his belt Daniel saw a gap in non-exclusive representation of independent labels music for placement in brand and entertainment productions while providing ethically oriented consultation to brands on music strategy, and thus Record-Play was born. Skip forward 12 years and Record-Play has offices in 3 countries, employs 14 staff and supports clients in all areas of music licensing and clearance, as well as soundtrack supervision, use of music in marketing and retail environments and general music and brand strategy. In 2016 Record-Play launched its global A+R Network, MusicMap, unearthing new talent, trends and music insight and is now active in 130 countries. Cross is also employed as Adidas’ global music manager, and other clients include Google, Reebok, Sony, Powerade, Virgin, Tommy Hilfiger, Atomic Skis and Moritz beer.

Patrick Cloherty

Patrick Cloherty is Senior Synchronisation Catalogue Manager at Sentric Music and has licensed numerous sync placements for brands such as Adidas, Ford, Lee Jeans, Now TV, William Hill, Corona & Johnnie Walker and also heads up Sentric’s in-store playlisting team that provide music to high street stores and brands.He has also written extensive reports on exporting European music to international markets and has spoken at various industry events regarding publishing and synchonisation. Sentric Music currently represent over 450,000 copyrights direct in more that 65 territories and have been nominated as ‘Best Independent Publisher’ in the Music Week Awards and recently won a Music & Sound Award last year for ‘Best Trailer or Promo’.

Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon runs Score Draw Music, an award-winning company who provide music for visual media. The company’s work across two seasons of Nickelodeon pre-school animation ‘Lily’s Driftwood Bay’ has seen them write and record songs for voice actors including Dolly Parton. In 2017 they’re also scoring 10 hours of work for Channel 4, working on two feature films, and delivering ongoing music for advertising, as well as working on music for 52×11 Disney series ‘Claude’, score for 52×11 Nick Jr. series ’Becca’s Bunch’ and all score and songs for PBS 80×11 series ‘Pinkalicious and Peterrific’ based on the 23 million selling book franchise. Mark has also co-written cues for the 2017 autumn US box office number one feature film ‘Boo 2’, and the forthcoming feature ‘The Shape of Water’ by Oscar-winning director Guillermo Del Toro.